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Xnova, excellent brushless motors with rotating case for a wide range of applications.

Dear customers, we proudly offer a new range of brushless motors with rotating case. These engines are made from the highest quality materials using many years of experience. Long term testing and optimization yielded the result in the form of high efficiency and superior performances. Choose from Xnova or XTS high-performance engines of the new generation. Xnova size from 4020 to 4035 offer efficiency up to 92%. Internal resistance 20MOhm at room temperature. Regardless of the voltage from 10S to 12S lipo battery, offers a series 4030 and 4035 efficiency above 90% at currents of from 28 to 70A. For outrunner are really top performance. XTS Series are the most powerful motors for the 700 and 800 series helicopters with up to 13kW. Testing this series of engines carried in extreme conditions such as the outdoor temperature is 42 ° C. Test the operation of each engine type confirmed the high level of performance and service life of engine components including quality bearings used in rotational components. All motors are 100% hand-wound and thoroughly inspected before shipping.

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